About the Artist

The artist, Mark Larkman, was born and raised in northeastern Ohio and is a member of the American Association of Woodturners.  He has been turning wood for more than 15 years, becoming interested in this craft after attending an art show.  When he saw the beautiful pieces on display, he thought to himself, "I want to do that!"  He began his journey by scouring over books and videos on the art of wood turning to absorb as much as possible about this timeless craft.  Excited about all he had learned, he jumped right in and bought a lathe and began collecting wood...lots of different colors and species of wood.  After turning his first several pieces, he was hooked.  However, the hours and commitment of his “first” job always took priority.  

Mark recently reorganized his priorities and is focusing on his true passion:  Taking wood that most would burn at a campfire or in a fireplace and turning it into a piece of art to be displayed and enjoyed. Mark's preference when turning is to work with green, crotch and spalted wood and leverage turning techniques and tools to form it in a manner that will show the inner beauty of the wood that nature has hidden.  He then finishes the piece with an oil finish (a few exceptions are lacquer finished) to give it a satin sheen--preferring the wood look like wood when it is displayed as art for all to enjoy.  

We hope you will delight in these pieces as much as Mark enjoys creating them.